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Toys R Us sell iPad 2 to help demand: then sell out immediately

Getting an iPad2 anywhere is proving to be a challenge. In America, the Toys R Us chain have gotten involved, with the goal of helping to meet consumer demand.

Everyone headed over to Toys R Us to pick up a new shiny tablet from Apple, but sadly it didn't work out as well as many had hoped. In Los Angeles many stores had sold out of the iPad 2 by 10am after the store opened an hour earlier. Such is the demand for Apple's successor to the original iPad from last year.

You could still buy tons of accessories for the product in the store, and online, but sadly it proved to be rather pointless without the unit itself available.

Apple stores are still struggling to meet with user demand, and Apple representatives have said that generally when stores get them in stock, they sell out the same day.

Best Buy, one of the biggest chains has also had a problem keeping inventory. They said they have been taking orders, but have none in stock and aren't sure when they can fulfill the demand to their customers.

In the UK, things aren't any better

With the official Apple store still holding a 2-3 week wait time after ordering. UK KitGuru reader Sammy Harrington said ‘I ordered an iPad 2 a month ago and I still haven't received it. Apple said they are struggling to get enough units to meet the demand. I sold my iPad online to help fund for the new one, so i've been padless for weeks now.”

KitGuru says: Have you ordered one? how long have you been waiting?

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