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OCUK offering to-your-rig hardware delivery at next iSeries LAN

While LAN parties are great for many things, they're not great for rig-envy. You know that feeling, when a nerd as classy as yourself feels totally outdone by someone sporting a nicer case than you, a newer GPU, a better watercooling loop. Fortunately, when your wallet gets that itch to help out your ego, OCUK has now announced that it'll be catering to this impulse at the next Multiplay Insomnia LAN party, i59.

You can even order the hardware right to your desk, as this new video explains:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-gqV68iMec']

Of course hardware isn't all you can get sent to your desk. There's also pizza and beverages, though I'm afraid you won't be able to pull a Cartman and have certain other bodily needs taken care of without leaving your PC, so you will have to step away at some point during the weekend – I hope, if not, you need to see a doctor.

KitGuru Says: So who's going to this one? I'm not, unfortunately, I have a wedding – my own – too close to the weekend, but my brother and his pals will be. Say hi to Team Tempest if you see them. 

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