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Xmas Gifts II: Son of a list

Inspiration, like the list of people you know you should get something for but can’t be asked, never ends. We’ve been scouring the web, bus shelters and the backs of toilet doors for ideas to hit you with this December – and here’s the latest instalment. Enjoy!

To be honest, the only gift idea we saw on the back of a toilet door isn’t really practical or recommended for sane humans. It involves the idea that if a cold man is given a match, then he has heat for a night – but if you set fire to him, then he’ll be warm for life. Not exactly politically correct – but that was what was written in thick permanent pen. Much more in the spirit of Xmas is the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX3 Wireless  Gaming Headset. At its normal price of £150, your mates can bog off, but with Play.com doing a ‘nearly half-price’ special – the product becomes a lot more attractive.

When he's not adorning the walls of a million screaming Japanese girls, Sam Deans stands next to Turtle Beach products and makes them look cool. We checked with Play.com and Sam won't actually deliver and install your headset. Sorry ladies.

Do you like doing it on the move?  Often find that you need a bit more RAM?  When things get really exciting, would you like to feel the ground moving for you a little?  Then we’ve got the perfect gift for you with the catchily named Asus N55SF-S2276V.  Yep, it’s almost as sexy as Ferrari or Maserati. Once you get past the name, you see that it’s powered by an Intel Core i5 2430 processor with 6GB instead of the usual 4GB. Must help, right? Lastly, to get the earth moving, it comes with a funky little external sub-woofer. Get the set up just right, and you too could be listening to peacocks in a church at midnight. Anyway, with Curry’s dropping the price from £899 to £699, it’s got to be worth a look.

It looks nice and won't break the bank... But do you really need a peacock?

Should Xmas be all too much for you (and assuming you’re over 18), then what about a cracking case of vino from the vagabonds at Virgin?  While stocks last, the Branson-branded boozers seem to be offering £24 off a case of 12 quality bottles of plonk.

The web site allows you to see what you're buying. Whatever will they think of next?

On KitGuru, we’re all in favour of following a suggestion that you buy booze, with a suggestion that you buy power tools. We’re funny that way [Ho Ho Ho – right? – Ed]. If you’ve ever fancied taking a really expensive chassis and turning it into a pile of useless tin, then B&Q has the gift for you. While stockings last, you can buy a Dremel 300 for just £29.98, which represents a whopping 40% off.

Destroy, destroy, destroy your chassis for laugh. You can also buy a kit if bits for an additional £14.98

Lastly, what geeky Xmas would be complete without the addition of at least one new sitting room gadget?  Panasonic have arranged a bit of a deal with Richer Sounds, so you’re now able to buy a gorgeous looking 3D Blu-Ray player – complete with episodes IV, V and VI of Star Wars – for just £91.

Use the force. Or, alternatively, the internet and a credit card. You know the drill.

KitGuru says: So, there you have it, the second instalment of the KitGuru Xmas Inspiration Special. If you’ve managed to read through both of them, and found nothing useful, then you are indeed the reincarnation of Ebinezer and you don’t deserve anything in your stocking you miserable git.

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