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56% of the UK channel would sell second hand kit

With the recession in PC sales continuing to bite, many of the UK's resellers would, or already do, sell second hand kit. KitGuru trundles off to Channel Web to investigate.

The mighty Incisive Publishing owns a site called Channel Web – it's the online offering for Computer Reseller News.

It's not the sort of site you arrive on by accident, you really need to be involved in/around the UK channel to go there. Taking part in a Channel Web survey, even a simple one, is something that only the hardcore would get involved in.

Overclocked Intel Core i7 990x systems? £27.50 you say?

Bearing that in mind, they recently ran a poll to see how many people in the UK channel would sell second hand kit – and the ‘Yes'  column received a stunning 56% of the vote. No doubt this figure has been boosted by the overall downturn in fortunes that a lot of these companies find themselves facing.

With a tiny 3% of channel folk sitting on the fence and saying “Dunno” when asked, only 41% said that they would not consider it.

Presumably this is kit that is SOLD AS second hand - knowingly

KitGuru says: For regular PCs, it's unlikely that a KitGuru reading enthusiast would be much tempted by second hand kit. We believe that our readers are much more likely to be selling their old graphics cards, CPUs and Grannies on eBay – in order to fund a stunning new piece of must-have-madness. High-end networking products are different – any money you can save on Cisco et al is fine in our books – but not really PCs.

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