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More info released about Modern Warfare 3

This week there has been a lot of information released from various publications on the upcoming hot first person shooter: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

GameHunters had some time to get a hands on with the Spec Ops Survival mode. MW3 gets a new progressive ranking system, online matchmaking system and leaderboards. The survival mode is adjusted for multiplayer maps.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's creative strategist said “All that stuff really fleshes out Spec Ops and adds in a lot that we know our fans are going to love, some of the most addictive aspects of Multiplayer.”

Mike Snider played the game with Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin and he said:

“As we dispatched ever-increasing waves of enemies, I discarded my pistol for a shotgun. Rubin passed me some in-game currency and I bought and installed a turret to keep the evildoers at bay, while I watched for attack dogs. After a few waves, the attack dogs became suicide bomber dogs that exploded a few seconds after you shot them. The next wave brought the kamikaze soldiers who exploded similarly.”

Rubin said that it was impressive he got to level 8, a good wave for a first time player.

Bowling added “You definitely have to change up your strategy as the enemy changes up,” Bowling said afterward. “Obviously how you fight the kamakazi dudes is different from how you fight the normal dudes and how you fight a dog is different from a dude and how you fight juggernauts, they are not only big and armored, so they will just brute force come at you. But they each have their own way of being taken out effectively.”

You can read more over here.

KitGuru says: Are you eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare 3?

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