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Barnes and Noble up 75% as Microsoft merges interests

Having acquired the world’s best publishing software with WordPress and the voice over IP leader with Skype, Microsoft is now kicking off its slippers to get into bed with Barnes and Noble. KitGuru peers under the covers to see where the glow is coming from.

With a $300m investment, Microsoft wants to have on-the-move reading technology ‘integrated’ into Windows 8. Assuming it can avoid the multitude of law suits that will no doubt be piling up at the door, this deal represents a significant step toward becoming even more of an Apple-a-like for Microsoft.

Given that the Barnes and Noble ‘preferred access method’ is a reader called Nook, we could fill a paragraph or two with jokes about how much nookie Microsoft rally wants and whether or not you should have to pay for nookie etc.

It will take the form of a Windows 8 App and will be offered in the most preferential way possible to anyone who takes on the new OS.

Technically, with over 2.5 million books on offer, Barnes and Noble is the world’s number one – but Microsoft will need to go some if it wants to overcome Amazon’s brand recognition in this area.

KitGuru says: We can see a new fire storm being kindled in the books market, but how long will it take the combatants to reach 451 degrees Fahrenheit?

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