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LED light cable solves night time problems

Late at night, just as you get into bed, you may remember that you need to charge your mobile phone. There is nothing more annoying than fumbling for the light switch while locating the USB cable connector header. A company have tried to cure this problem with their new USB Micro Light charging cable.

The USB Micro Light charging cable is offered in two lengths – one 3 feet and the other 6 feet. At the end of the cable is a full size Type A USB connector that plugs into the charger than at the other side a Micro USB Type B connector with a forward facing white built in LED. The light can be powered by simply pressing a button at the top section of the outer shell.

It may sound simple, but often the most ingenious ideas are. Dustin Orndoff from Winchester has tried to get funding for this project on the pages of Kickstarter.

The 3 foot USB Micro Light charging cable will cost $14 and the 6 foot version is priced at $16. He is also selling a 6ft curly cable version for $18. If you want a set of all three, then the price is $35.

The plan is to start shipping units in March/April, depending on the funding.

You can see a video of the product in action over on the KickStarter page.

Kitguru says: We think this will be genuinely useful for a lot of people.

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