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What’s going to happen to THQ UK staff?

While a lot of news overage has been given to the state of developers working under the THQ banner, like Relic Games, Vigil and others, not much attention has been given to the middle-management, the PR guys, the HR, admin, legal teams and all the other invaluable positions held by THQ workers.

Fortunately MCV has bucked the trend and is pushing hard for those individuals that didn’t make the cut in the original THQ auction. Jon Rooke, the Euro marketing head at the now defunct THQ, said: “Whilst the majority of our studio personnel have secured ongoing employment with their new owners, unfortunately the THQ UK Publishing business was not one of the assets purchased during the auction and we are now having to affect a wind down of the office in Woking.”

Middle Manager
Double Fine cares about Middle management. Are they hiring?

“We have a number of hugely talented games industry folk (Marketing, Sales, PR, Operations/Supply Chain, Export, Finance/Accounting, HR, Admin, Legal and IT) who are now looking for their next roles and would welcome all opportunities.”

If you happen to be a KG reader and responsible for hiring at a big name publisher, please feel free to give one of these guys a shout: recruiter Paul Collins at [email protected] or Euro marketing boss Jon Rooke at [email protected].

KitGuru Says: Not being part of the hiring process at a mega corporation or game publisher, I have no idea what the effect of being part of a bankrupt business does to a guy’s credentials. Any one of you guys been in a similar situation in the past? If so, how did you get past it?

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