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THQ receives approval for official liquidation

That's it folks, the 23 year history of THQ has finally come to an end, as it has received approval for liquidation by Judge Mart F Walrath at a Delaware court heading. Creditors will now be paid using whatever can be made of THQ's remaining assets. THQ filed for bankruptcy …

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Sega suing defunct THQ

Poor THQ. It struggles to stay afloat throughout 2012, finally announcing at the close of the year that it'll be shutting up shop for good, and it can't even rest peacefully in the grave. Along with several other creditors, Sega has announced its intention to sue the bankrupt publisher for …

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What’s going to happen to THQ UK staff?

Middle Manager

While a lot of news overage has been given to the state of developers working under the THQ banner, like Relic Games, Vigil and others, not much attention has been given to the middle-management, the PR guys, the HR, admin, legal teams and all the other invaluable positions held by …

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Crytek saves Darksiders developers, makes new studio


While THQ is now just about done, with many of its properties and studios bought up by other companies, one that was neglected during the auction was Vigil, the developer of the Darksiders gamers. Now though, Crytek has swooped in and saved the day, picking up most of the employees …

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Here’s where the THQ properties are going

So the auction is over, the winners have been decided and THQ is going to be diced up and farmed off to different publishers around the world. A lot of our original rumours have turned up pretty accurate, but there are a few additions for the smaller properties. The big …

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THQ sale rumours suggest Sega, Ubisoft and Koch Media


Update: Interestingly, South Park Studios, the company behind the hit TV show has said that it isn't keen on THQ selling off its IP. In-fact, it claims that within its contract with THQ there is a stipulation that should it be breached, South Park Studios has the right to acquire …

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Double Fine could be buying up THQ properties

Tim Shafer

We  spoke earlier this week about how EA is in the running for a few of bankrupt THQ's intellectual properties but now there's a new name in the acquisition talks: Double Fine. That's Mr Tim Shafer's company. Tim Shafer of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango fame. …

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EA could buy up THQ

Stick of Truth

While it isn't the only mega corporation vying for the rights to some of THQ's hottest properties, EA Games is in the running for some of the beleaguered publisher's games and franchises, when the auction takes place in the next couple of weeks. Cash dry THQ was hoping to secure …

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THQ files for bankruptcy


In what is unlikely to be a surprise for anyone at this point considering the downward turn the publisher has taken in the past year, THQ has filed for bankruptcy. Fortunately though, it already has a buyer that is willing to keep all staff on and continue all current game …

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THQ Humble Bundle could be most profitable ever

Humble THQ Bundle

Despite the furore that appeared shortly after the Humble Bundle announced its partnership with financially wobbly publisher THQ, it looks like it's going to be the most profitable bundle ever, with just under 12 hours to go to raise the last $300,000. The current record holder for most profitable Humble …

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