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THQ’s cancelled Avengers game surfaces with early gameplay footage

Back in 2011, prior to THQ's bankruptcy, the publisher held a license to The Avengers and was working on a game to coincide with the release of Marvel's first Avengers movie. Due to financial issues, the project was ultimately scrapped but now almost a decade later, we have a first-hand look at what the game was like. 

THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment took on the project in 2011. The studios were creating a first-person action game, where you could play as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk or Captain America. The main character models were in place in the recovered gameplay footage, but much of the rest of the map was incomplete, so this is far from representative of what the final product would have been.

The footage was found on an old HDD acquired by Obscure Gamers, a site dedicated to game preservation. The drive was likely put up for auction when THQ went bankrupt and began closing down studios.

After THQ went under and its Marvel game was cancelled, Ubisoft picked up the rights to The Avengers and began working on a third-person console game called Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, which did release in late 2012.

KitGuru Says: THQ going under was a big shame, although I'm not sold on how good a first-person Avengers game would have been on last-gen systems. What do you all think of the gameplay shown? Is this something you would have liked to be finished and released? 

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