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Double Fine could be buying up THQ properties

We  spoke earlier this week about how EA is in the running for a few of bankrupt THQ's intellectual properties but now there's a new name in the acquisition talks: Double Fine.

That's Mr Tim Shafer's company. Tim Shafer of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango fame. Unfortunately while I'd love to believe that Double Fine was going to swoop in and take on something like the South Park game, as no doubt Double Fine would absolutely do a title like that justice, the general consensus with sites like MCV, seems to be that DF is merely buying up the rights to its THQ published Stacking and Costume Quest.

Tim Shafer
Tim Shafer: I will own all of it, all of it, muahaha.

That said, that does make it more likely there will be sequels to these hit games, so that's a bonus.

Beginning on the 22nd of January, all of THQ's intellectual properties will be sold off piece by piece to help pay off creditors. It was initially hoped that early on this year we'd see a single buyer for the bankrupt publisher, but unfortunately not.

KitGuru Says: I'm still pretty sad that THQ is going away. I know there's a lot of millionaires reading Kitguru as you all like to read the best of the best. Couldn't you all band together and sort this out? Maybe even give me a share as a late christmas/very early birthday present.


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