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Motorhead phones – severe case of Overkill?

CES in Las Vegas is a time when the riders ride, into the night, into the West, to see who's gun's the best. Are they all fools? To live by the rules?  When we know that the rider wearing black, is gonna gonna shoot em in the back. KitGuru sets the volume to 11 and pulls out the Ian Kilmister back catalogue to get a balance of nostalgia and optimism for the future.

From the moment that Dr Dre launched his Beats range of headphones – aimed squarely at a specific youth demographics – with promises of the best sound quality on the planet… You just KNEW that other famous names would follow.

The last time that KitGuru spoke with a sauce at HMV, we were told that the high street wobbler was still moving something like 5,000 pairs of headphones a week. With Xmas and other holidays, that's probably more than a quarter of a million units a year. And that's just in the sub-£20 market!

Making albums is fun and – long term – brings in money.

Once you're famous, you can tour and bring in huge amounts of money for a single night's work – but tours are incredibly complex, financially risky and can rapidly develop into a pain once you hit the road. For millionaire's who are used to 100% control over their own time – to be forced into an extended schedule can take its toll in different ways.


That's the magic word.

Its the way you can use all of the positive branding from your previous musical releases and tours – add in ‘something people might actually want to buy and use – and you have the magic ingredient for printing copious quantities of cash.

For 38 years, Motorhead has been led by Lemmy. The band's catalogue and reputation is enormous and now – with a little help from the product/marketing chaps – we're about to see a huge push on the sale of the wonderfully named MOTORHEAD PHONES.

These dark beauties come in lightweight Bomber (£79), do-some-damage ready Iron Fist (£99) and proper ‘Sorry Doc, but I hurted my ears and they're bleeding' Motorizer at £129.

Bomber, Ironfist and Motorizer. Serious names for serious headphones. Earwax better run!

KitGuru says: The line-up includes a whole heap of in-ear models as well – and we're sorely tempted to buy the lot. We all know what would happen next… KILLED BY DEATH!

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