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Sega suing defunct THQ

Poor THQ. It struggles to stay afloat throughout 2012, finally announcing at the close of the year that it’ll be shutting up shop for good, and it can’t even rest peacefully in the grave. Along with several other creditors, Sega has announced its intention to sue the bankrupt publisher for almost a million dollars, over Company of Heroes 2 preorders.

According to the Sega filing, there were just over 20,750 Steam preorders for Company of Heroes 2, between September 2012 and January 2013, bringing in around$1.3 million (£0.9 million). As Eurogamer points out, with Valve taking its 1/3 cut, this would leave Sega with a payout of $941k, after THQ’s filing. Since Sega bought up the developer of Company of Heroes 2, Relic Games, in late December 2012, it contests that it’s owed that near million dollars, as at the time of sale, those games belonged to Sega.

As far as Sega is concerned, this is all them

It’s understandable why Sega might want to recoup some money early on its Relic owned life, since it spend over $26 million on the developer and its CoH IP. However, it faces a tough uphill slug to get anything out of THQ, which has already gone bankrupt and has disappointed many other creditors.

The pile of available money is small and the number of hands grasping for it, is many.

Kitguru Says: Always thought it was a shame THQ went under, there’ve been a  lot of games that I’ve played over the past decade that were THQ franchises. 

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