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ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC Review

Rating: 9.0.

Nvidia’s GTX Titan is THE flagship graphics card to own right now, but at around £900 it is marketed at the ultra high end enthusiast audience. Moving down a single notch in the Nvidia hierarchy is the GTX780, a card made slightly more affordable, around the £550 mark. Today we look at the custom cooled, overclocked ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC to find out if this is the high end solution to own in the latter half of 2013.

ASUS are well known for creating high end, ultra expensive ‘over engineered’ solutions targeting the rich enthusiast user. Their Republic Of Gamers motherboards deliver great overclocking performance and graphics solutions such as the ARES attract the attention of the global media.

The ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC is a proprietary design featuring the latest version of the Direct CU II cooler. ASUS are using flattened copper heatpipes to make direct contact with the GPU Core, which they claim reduces load temperatures by up to 20 percent. This card uses a 6 phase power implementation to reduce power noise by 30 percent and enhance power efficiency by 15 percent.
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The ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC has received a core clock boost from 863mhz to 889mhz. The Boost speed is set at 941mhz and the memory speed 1,502mhz (6Gbps effective). The GK110 core is built on the 28 nm process and this card has 48 ROPS, 192 TMU’s and 2304 CUDA cores. The 3GB of GDDR5 memory is connected via a 384 bit memory interface.

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