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BMW change first class air seating into ‘luxury islands’

BMW may be known for their luxury cars and to a lesser extent for their work on the Thermaltake Level 10 computer cases, but they have turned their hand to improving first class seating on aircraft.

For those of you rich enough to afford first class aircraft travel, you may want to check out Singapore Airline’s next generation first class seating. The ‘luxury islands’ as they are called have been designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA and are going to be installed in Boeing-777-300ER for selected flights between Singapore and London.

The new seating is state of the art, they measure 35 inches wide and can fold forward to form a sleeping pad that is extended from 80 to 82 inches in length. It is covered in a special fabric which increases the tension of the material so it will be looking new, even after many hours of use. There are outer walls that shield the passenger from others, both visually and even acoustically.

BMW say the new seating will provide an ‘aura of tranquility’. The whole concept is to mirror a living room environment, creating an ambience to help people relax. Each area has stowage support for luggage and personal belongings. The cubicles table extends rather than folds and there is a ‘vanity corner’ for freshening up.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUAFSnBdB4′]

Entertainment is also a focus. Each area has a 23 inch LCD television with 1280×768 pixel support, the highest offered by any airline. There is a surround sound system in place and noise cancelling headphones are offered.

The cost? A first class ticket from London to Singapore is around £6,200, so be prepared to pay for the luxury.

Kitguru says: Want to fly in style? this is the way to go, but it might be only for high ranking business executives.

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