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Next gen Kindle Fire will have sharper display, less weight

Amazon are due to release new Kindle Fires later this year, based on release dates for the previous two years. A new report claims that the new Kindle tablets will be improved.

BGR leaked the news that Amazon will be releasing upgraded versions of their three tablets – The Kindle Fire 7″. The Kindle Fire HD 7″ and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″.

The main focus for Amazon with the next batch will be improving the screen resolution. Amazon are said to be increasing the 7 inch resolution to 1280×800 (216 pixels per inch) and increase from 1024×600. The 7 inch Kindle Fire HD will get an increase from 1280×800 to 1920×1200 (323 pixels per inch). The Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ will get a resolution of 2560×1600, the native resolution of a 30 inch PC monitor. This has a pixel count of 339 PPI. This is even higher than the Retina iPad’s 264 PPI and the Nexus 10’s 299 PPI.

Amazon are reportedly redesigning the shell, reducing the weight and creating more angular edges. The tablet volume and power buttons are also being moved to the sloping area on the back, out of the way of accidental touches. BGR’s sources say this is a huge step forward as it was a problem with the current design.

Amazon want to hit the same price points as before, which may be difficult considering the screen improvements. We would imagine CEO Jeff Bezos will be making an official announcement sometime in Q3.

Kitguru says: Impressive specs, if they turn out to be right.

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