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Twitter admit 250,000 users have passwords stolen

Twitter have admitted that 250,000 users have had their passwords and email addresses stolen by hackers.

This breach is one of the biggest ever recorded by Twitter, they may have over 200 million users, but a quarter of a million people have had their accounts compromised.

Twitter have said they warned all the users who had their passwords stolen and have told them to reset them to prevent any problems occurring. A better system would have been to automatically reset the passwords for the affected individuals and resend them in email.

Security experts have added a warning which states that many people use the same password for all their accounts, including online banking systems. If this is the case, then a complete change of every password for important sites would be advisable.

Twitter have already said earlier this week that they had attempts to hack their system to get access to user data. They managed to shut that one down before anything serious happened.

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  • Simon Butler

    Twitter A.K.A. Shitter, the amount of info we give to these places and they cant even f**king look after it, and what happens to them? nothing! its like we are just supposed to accept it, they should all sue twitter or something for not providing enough protection for personal details