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Facebook in big VR hiring spree

When Facebook bought out Oculus VR back in March last year, there was much discussion of how the social network would leave the company to be independent and continue its development alone, much like the social networking giant had done with Instagram and WhatsApp. However that doesn't mean it can't …

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Silicon Studio’s new engine demo is very pretty

Each new successive generation of graphics, we often hear a lot about Epic's new engine, or Crytek's new one and Unity gets a lot of press for its multi-platform outputs, but Bravely Default developer, Silicon Studio, shouldn't get left out, as its new engine tech demo is incredibly pretty – …

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Ebay hires on 450 in Ireland


While there's been much talk of firings as of late, whether it's HMV or Valve, one bright spot in the jobs market comes from auction site Ebay, that has hired 450 individuals in Ireland. All of those taken on will be working at Ebay's operation centre in Dundalk, County Louth …

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What’s going to happen to THQ UK staff?

Middle Manager

While a lot of news overage has been given to the state of developers working under the THQ banner, like Relic Games, Vigil and others, not much attention has been given to the middle-management, the PR guys, the HR, admin, legal teams and all the other invaluable positions held by …

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