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meta’s 3D gesture-controlled augmented reality glasses

A new start up called meta has partnered up with Epson to create a pair of AR glasses that allow virtual objects to be controlled in 3D space using hand gestures.

meta were founded in December 2012 by Meron Gribetz and Professor Steven Feiner has added his expertise to the project, being an experienced developer in the field of augmented reality technology.

The target for meta is to push this field further than their competitors, who often simply use superimposed digital readouts with limited control.

This system works on a ‘two part’ basis. There is a pair of modified see through Epson Moverio glasses with a Kinect-like 3D camera mounted on top. The camera features low latency motion tracking software, which is able to track hands in 3D space so they can interact with virtual objects, using hand gestures.

meta will be releasing a developer kit shortly to help drive the platform forward. The future is certainly exciting as we wait to see what applications will be released down the line.

Anna Jen, the Director of New Business at Epson America has said “We’re excited about the effects on productivity, media entertainment, retail, and of course, an amazing new class of games entering our real world.”

Kitguru says: A sign of the future?

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