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New camera technology: can refocus blurred pictures

A new start up company are releasing one of the most exciting new technologies we have seen in recent years – a camera with the ability to fix a poorly taken, blurred photograph. The refocusing technology created by Lytro Inc. is going to be hitting the mainstream press over the next couple of days as it can potentially fix one of the biggest issues for the budding photographer.

Lytro also claim that the new technology can generate 3D images from a single camera. This project started from Standford University research into light field cameras. These record much more information than a normal camera to create an image which is incredibly detailed.

Lytro CEO Ren Ng wrote a dissertation at Standford detailing ways to dramatically reduce the cost and size of the technology. Lytro are obviously keeping their advancements confidential but in theory the technology offers much for the consumer market.

Before and after: images courtesy of Lytro

Another interesting aspect is that images taken with Lytro cameras, when viewed through many web browsers will allow the end user to click on different parts of the image to bring different parts of the image into focus. We haven’t seen the technology directly in action ourselves, but according to information poor focusing problems can be fixed after the picture is taken. Even if the focus is on the wrong part of the image, it can be fixed and changed later.

Another benefit is that the technology can work in low light situations without the need for a flash. Lytro are also aiming to release cameras which are affordable, but offer genuinely new functionality. They have created a special array of lenses which can fit in front of image sensors to break the image apart into individual light rays.

Lytro have already received $50 million in funding from venture capital firms.

Kitguru says: Their biggest problem is not actually if the technology will sell, but more so if Adobe Systems Inc will beat them to market as they have already developed light field cameras for research and development purposes.

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