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New iPhone arriving this Autumn with A5 processor and 8MP camera

The upcoming iPhone, is rumored to be released as early as September. Information we have posted before on Kitguru after we spoke to sources earlier in Taipei. Bloomberg posted a report this week which would verify that a Q3 release could be possible.

Bloomberg quote two sources close to the project as passing over the information. The iPhone 5 should be released sometime in September. The sources also told Bloomberg that Apple are working on another version of the iPad which will feature a super high resolution screen – again news that Kitguru has released beforehand.

The iPhone gets a lot of praise for incorporating class leading screen technology in their devices, and the iPhone 4 is no exception – the ‘retina display’ runs at a resolution of 640×960 pixels – high resolution for a 3.5 inch screen. Many phones today are limited to 480×800 pixels or less. The iPhone 4 uses the A4 processor, which has since been replaced by the A5 processor in the iPad 2, a 1ghz dual core design which has plenty of power for the mobile space. The iPhone 5 should shift over to the new CPU design later this year when it is released.

The naming convention is also in question with some sources saying it won’t be called the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4GS as it is more an integral update than a completely new design. This has not been confirmed or denied by Apple, who will not speak about unreleased products.

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