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The Nitecore mini 3,500 lumens flashlight

If you frequently build a PC during the evening, you will undoubtedly have a flashlight in your arsenal of tools. For those who think brighter is always better then you won’t want to miss the new NiteCore Tiny Monster TM26. It is classed as the world’s smallest 3,500 lumen flashlight.

The TM26 uses four CREE XM-L LEDs. Each of these is protected by coated mineral glass lenses and powered by four 18650 or eight CR123 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. These batteries can be charged via an AC adapter which plugs directly into the flashlight.

The maximum setting might not be advisable in all situations, so the flashlight has 8 different brightness settings, along with other modes, via a multi function switch. An OLED display highlights the brightness level as well as battery strength, voltage and approximate run time on the current setting. Even the temperature of the flashlight is listed.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHI_Pwv14jw’]

At the maximum setting, the battery life is said to be around 45 minutes, or at three lumens it can last for 1,000 hours. The flashlight is also waterproof down to two meters and it has a beam distance rating of 415 meters.

You can buy this now in America for $390.

Kitguru says: A monster flashlight, we aren’t arguing.

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