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AMD and HPE are now offering a virtual tour of the ‘Hawk’ supercomputer

AMD has launched a 360-degree virtual tour of the flagship ‘Hawk' supercomputer – which is among the fastest supercomputers worldwide and is the fastest general-purpose system for scientific and industrial computing in Europe.

The Hawk system is located at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), part of the University of Stuttgart in Germany, and it has a peak performance of 26 Petaflops. The impressive computational power is achieved with 720,896 computational cores and 1.44 Petabytes of total system memory. The system also has bandwidth of 200 Gbits/s and has around 20 km (ca. 12.4 miles) of cabling.

It's sometimes difficult to grasp how much 26 Petaflops of computational power is. As an example, to match what a 1 petaflop computer system can do in just one second, a person would have to perform one calculation every second for 31,688,765 years.

The Hawk supercomputer allows scientists and engineers to carry out research on complex problems that sometimes require a combination of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, deep learning and simulation. The virtual tour provided by AMD works in a similar fashion to Google street view and includes clickable objects that present information or a video.

The 360 virtual tour of the supercomputer can be accessed HERE.

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KitGuru says: Have you ever wondered what it looks like in a powerful supercomputer? If so, you don't have to wonder for much longer. You can explore the Hawk system without even leaving the room.

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