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Turing Pi cluster board supports up to seven Raspberry Pi modules

Turing Machines Inc has launched the Turing Pi, a mini-ITX motherboard that allows users to create a server rack of up to seven Raspberry Pi compute modules. Turing Pi supports Kubernetes software ecosystem, machine learning and serverless stacks.

Turing Pi works with any amount of nodes, which means that the user can start with a couple of nodes and scale when needed – for up to 28 cores in total. However, the board only works with a small selection of Raspberry Pi modules – Raspberry Pi Compute Module 1, Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+.

Video credit: Turing Pi

Turing Pi can boot the operating system either from eMMC, SD card or netboot and the board can function from an ATX power supply or from 12V. The board comes with a 1 Gbps switch, however each node is limited to 100 Mbps USB speed. Turing Pi also comes with an HDMI  port, eight USB ports as well as an audio jack.

The board sells for a price of $189 and is available to preorder HERE.

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KitGuru says: Those who are interested in different Raspberry Pi projects can keep themselves occupied for quite a while. The Turing Pi offers even more options for those who want to put their Raspberry Pi modules to good use. What are your thoughts on the board from Turing Machines Inc?

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