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Kawasaki showcase new three wheeler concept bike

Kawasaki have showcased an amazing looking bike concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. It has two wheels at the front of the body and vaguely resembles something out of the Tron movies.

The presentation bike on show is finished in green and white and the ‘J’ (as it is known) can morph between a low ‘sport’ riding position and a ‘high’ comfort riding position. In the high position, the front wheels are separated, rising the profile of the bike.

Interestingly, the bike is steered by the use of two levers – ditching the traditional use of handlebars. Some of the high end ride on lawnmowers incorporate a lever system for steering.

Kawasaki say the J concept bike uses proprietary battery management technology and GIGACELL high capacity nickel-metal hydride batteries.

No signs yet if the bike will ever make it to production, but it certainly is a beautiful looking design. Thanks to Gizmag for the info.

Kitguru says: We hope this is the beginning of a new range of vehicles for the future.

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