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GameMax launches Talking Nuts campaign in order to combat testicular cancer

In recent years, November has come to be known as the month of men’s health issues, prompting charities and notable figures to come together in order to spread awareness and raise donations. Case manufacturer GameMax has taken this opportunity to partner with UK charity Baggy Trousers and Twitch affiliate Bat Mans Left Nut in order to bring attention to testicular cancer.

The awareness campaign, dubbed Talking Nuts, will see streamer Bat Mans Left Nut take part in a 12 hour charity stream on November 5th. The primary aim is to disseminate useful information surrounding the sensitive topic, using video games as a backdrop. Proceeds throughout the livestream will be donated to UK organisation Baggy Trousers.

Baggy Trousers was founded by Jack Broadley in 2014, inspired by his own experiences with testicular cancer. Using his first-hand experience, Broadley felt that he had the ability to truly make a difference by providing a fully-fledged support network.

Tom (Bat Mans Left Nut) unfortunately endured a recent health scare pertaining to testicular cancer, describing his family and friends to be the most important factors in gaining the courage to get checked out. A support network is critical for many to overcome such a difficult adversity, and Tom recognises that for many gamers this comes in the form of the online community.

This prompted Tom to partner with GameMax in spearheading the Talking Nuts campaign. Hoping to generate discussion in the run-up to the event, the case manufacturer will be hosting a giveaway for those involved in the conversation. To take part, or discover more ways to further get involved, head to GameMax UK’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

KitGuru Says: Health issues in general can be a scary thing to face, however getting men to talk about the possibility of testicular cancer has always proven to be one of the bigger challenges. It’s inspiring to see GameMax, Baggy Trousers and Tom come together in light of the issue. Do you plan to get involved with Talking Nuts?

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