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Nintendo Switch adds video capture and USB headphone support

It’s fair to say that Nintendo is still refining its Switch experience, and while it might not have fully fixed its Online app just yet, the core console experience is getting better each month. The Switch OS version 4.0 has finally added USB headphone support, save game transfers and video capture, but that one comes with a catch.

Unfortunately, the video capture functionality is only set to currently work on the latest version of four first-party games. Only those running version 1.3 of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, version 1.2 of Splatoon 2 or version 3.1 of Arms will be able to make use of the new feature.

The newly streamlined save game transfer ability, however, finally takes into consideration that the Switch is part portable, making the whole process a lot more pain free. The option is located within the system settings, with the only requirement being that the target Switch console has enough memory and is nearby during the process.

Lastly, albeit slightly lower key, Nintendo has added USB headphone support, enabling players to make use of a variety of headphones including wireless variants. Those wanting to play on the go will need a USB to USB-C headphone adaptor to make use of the Switch’s lower port, while those playing at home can plug directly into the dock.

The remainder of the 4.0 update is mainly user interface and cosmetic bound, introducing new profile icons from the latest Zelda and upcoming Super Mario Odyssey as well as easier navigation on the Switch’s eShop.

KitGuru Says: All of this seems pretty standard from other consoles nowadays so it’s nice to see Nintendo trying its best to catch up. What other functions do you want to see make their way to the Switch?

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