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Razer takes on Elgato for entry-level streaming with its Ripsaw HD capture card

Back in 2016, Razer entered the streaming market with its Ripsaw capture card, attempting to make content creation more accessible to the average user. While the product didn’t manage to make too big of a splash compared to Elgato, the company has remained undeterred as refreshes its entry-level offering with the Ripsaw HD.

The Ripsaw HD takes aim at the Elgato HD60 S, ensuring an easy setup for capturing console and PC gameplay. The user simply needs to plug the device they wish to capture into the HDMI input port and their desired monitor into the HMDI output. As the Ripsaw HD lacks the ability to record to an external device like the AVerMedia 2 Plus, it still requires a PC to connect to via USB-C.

There are many similarities between the Ripsaw HD and its rivals, from its microphone and headphone ports for audio mixing to its general layout. Where it truly stands out is resolution. As its name suggests, the device both streams and records at 1080p, but unlike the Elgato HD60 S, the Ripsaw HD contains a 4K passthrough that enables content creators to play their game in Ultra HD while outputting at the lower resolution.

Razer manages to offer this extra feature all while undercutting the price of its competition at £159.99/$159.99 compared to Elgato’s original $179.99 price point. That being said, there are many retailers that offer the HD60S for a lower price, including Overclockers UK. Still, those that wish to record or stream in Ultra HD resolution will have to invest double for Elgato’s 4K60 Pro at £359.95/$380.

KitGuru Says: As it stands, Razer has a good assortment of broadcaster products available that offer a lot of bang for buck. Currently, I’m using the Razer Seirēn Elite and haven’t looked back. Competition is always healthy for the market, so here’s hoping that the Ripsaw HD manages to make more of an impact against its rivals.

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