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Sony release super high res 4k projector for home cinema

If you aren't happy with plain old 1080p, then perhaps the new Sony VW1000ES projector will satisfy your cinema demands. They are releasing the new 4k projector for the home, which is the same standard used by full size cinema projectors.

DigitalTrends.com have a great story published on the new technology, with the new projector delivering more than 4 times the resolution of 1080p televisions commercially available today.

Obviously the question is, how the heck do I get the most from this when content available today to the consumer only sports 1080p resolution on bluray discs. According to DigitalTrends, Sony Pictures have more than 60 theatrical releases which are shot in the native 4k super resolution format, but there is no way to get them to customers as the medium to play them back just doesn't exist yet.

“Sony reps claim the company is in talks with the Blu-ray Disc Association to iron out a standard compression scheme for squeezing 4K movies onto discs, and has already promised a 4K release of the next Spider-Man movie, but the July 2012 release date for that flick should be telling: Sony won’t yet talk timelimes on when 4K movies could hit shelves.”

For the time being however the VW1000ES projector does have an upscaler which will boost 1080p content to improve the quality. It also sports a 2,000 ANSI lumens output which should be enough to generate a quality image at 200 inches. 3D is supported, and the projector has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio as well.

Kitguru says: Pricing looks to be $30,000 or less when it is released near the end of the year.

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