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Avoid being hit by a train and other weekend fun

While the majority of YouTube is full of stuff that wasn’t worth the upload bandwidth that carried it to the great server farm in the sky, other clips put a smile on your face.

Here’s a handful of short vids to give you a soft Saturday smile. One might even make you want to visit Waitrose to buy mincemeat and chilli peppers.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you re-shot the original 1920s silent movies?  Specifically, how could the hero avoid being squashed on the tracks by an on-coming train, while a moustache-twirling evil villain rubs his hands and covets the leading lady?  Here’s the solution presented by the folks at BlackMoonCGI.

Ah yes. The age old problem. How to save a damsel in distress from the 16:35 to London Euston?

While on the subject of silent movies – here’s a 4 minute sequence (also from BlackMoonCGI) that’s tickled the fancy of more than half a million technology lovers so far. These are nice examples of why the concept/content is way more important than the special effects and budget.

Slow-motion is a nice and simple special effect that allows you to see the real point of a story, even when it’s only on your screen for a fraction of a second.

Take slow motion to the extreme with a group of English chaps, armed with Pimms, Lemonade and a high-quality HD cam in the scorching 24-degree UK sunshine. Here’s the result. If you don’t want to watch the whole 5 minutes, scrub to the 4 minute mark and roll the last 60 seconds. For some reason, we’re reminded of boyhood advice on the best way to have relations with a larger partner. You know. Slap the thigh and ride the wave in. Pause around 4:28 to see things that normal humans never witness.

Explosive bags of water make way to nature’s explosive little sacks of pure, blinding heat and pain – in the form of the legendary Ghost Chilli. Known locally as Bhut Jolokia, this is without doubt the hottest spice to come out of the North Eastern region of the Indian sub-continent since Lawrence Latif. You can watch a normal human try a single slice here (slice goes into mouth around 0:52).

Now imagine an evil chef taking the 4 hottest chillis around, cooking them gently into a single sauce and coating a major-sized burger in the fire of hell and calling it the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ ?  Click here to see Man Vs Food’s battering ram, Adam Richman, attack this burger. First bite around 4:20. Never seen a grown man sweat so much from a single sandwich. Not sure about the scale of heat?  here’s a chart to help you visualise.

Dried chilli flakes used to spice a pizza are near the bottom rung of these ladders. Nice.

Bogies are bad news, we all know that. But babies can’t be sure what level of threat is carried by serious snot, so they sometimes go with the extreme human fear response. Which quickly resolves to chuckles the moment they detect the danger of flying phlegm is over.

Which brings us back to transport.

If you have no fear of flying, then you should have no fear about pilots sliding planes into Hong Kong runways sideways – to counter the cross winds. Takes 90 seconds to complete the film, but when you consider where the plane starts, how it touches the tarmac and where it ends…  it’s pretty impressive.

Lastly, for those of you who get easily bored trying to parallel park, here’s a street-wise Honda driver showing you the way to go.

You can see it coming: But are you brave enough to try it yourself?

KitGuru says: We’re gonna being doing more video stuff ourselves, starting in a couple of month’s time. So, for us, we can call this research.

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