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KitGuru passes 1,000 articles – Thanks for your support!

Well. There it is. Official. KitGuru has just stormed past the 1,000 articles mark. We’d just like to take a quick step back from beginning work on the next 1,000 articles to stop and thank you, our readers, for all of your support since this site launched in back in May. We’ve seen some amazing results, posted a lot of exclusive stories first and tested/evaluated tons of performance products to help you make a better buying decision. Let’s look at some of those in more detail.

Before the site went live in May, KitGuru’s experts were hard at work on a series of Buying Guides. Almost immediately, we broke the story that notebook producer Clevo was going to be first to launch an SLi laptop based on nVidia’s Fermi technology. That was the first of many KitGuru firsts. We also began to write about Intel’s up-coming ‘K’ processors. While only 2 of these were available in 2010, you can expect it to become a standard option for most Intel processors in 2011. We also included a price-prediction with that processor. The first of many to be proven correct. Many pundits were negative about early Fermi cards’ power consumption, but we at KitGuru were much more confident that nVidia could sort out any early issues and get power consumption right down for mainstream cards. Our 50 watt Fermi story from 20th May was really popular and, later, proven to be a stunningly accurate prediction.

June was a busy time for KitGuru, with Computex over in Taiwan the stories broke thick and fast. The defection of EVGA’s mainboard team to Sapphire, Foxconn’s decision to try and reduce factory suicide rates by offering a pay rise ran alongside the first pics of the eagerly awaited Silverstone Raven 3 chassis. At the time KitGuru breaks these stories, they are simply interesting. However, many times we’ve found that our early revelation leads directly to a great product ending up in the hands of consumers. For example, Sapphire’s early Computex demo of a system running ATI EyeFinity across multiple screens, without the need for Displayport, was later followed by a world exclusive review of the Sapphire 5770 Flex edition running 5760×1080 resolution, across 3 regular monitors, in the KitGuru Labs.

We also found time for a bit of glamour, including everygeek’s favourite tech lady, Sylvie Barak, hard at it with Suzy Ramirez from Intel in the Grand Hyatt.

Alongside the product reviews, insider news and glamour shots, we have also found time to create some of the most important technology articles on the web today. Probably the best example was Zardon’s 44 page treatise on image quality testing using HQV 2.0 on the latest generation of DX11 cards. This kicked off a huge effort by all of the graphics vendors to see if they could improve their video IQ. You can also follow the huge number of comments following this story to see just how KitGuru’s audience engages as a community. We’re very proud of our work and we’re really glad to know that you all find it so useful!

Since those early stories, we have brought you the world’s first GTX460 SLi test results, implemented intelligent dBA noise testing, told you that Computercenter (HP’s biggest customer in that sector) was moving its own blades across to Cicso and we were also first to tell you that the ATI logo was being killed off.

We have travelled the world to bring you side-by-side video comparisons of AMD Fusion performance next to Intel at IDF and we’re pretty sure we were the first site in the world to touch the new AMD Llano processor. KitGuru also managed to score interviews with people like nVidia’s head of the Quadro programme, Danny Shapiro.

Our clocking skills means that while other sites struggled to understand the initial Intel ‘K’ processors (or get much more than 4.4Ghz from them), KitGuru’s Lab managed to get the 655k to boot at 5GHz on air and record benchmarks running at a solid 4.8Ghz on air.

Lastly, we have run a steady stream of competitions, with no geographic boundaries. We have already had winners in New Zealand and Portugal as well as the usual suspects like the UK and USA.

KitGuru is partnered with Multiplay, the world’s leading online gaming organisation – with over 3.5 million gamers visiting their site each month. Our site is hosted on state-of-the-art servers in a secured facility and the page you are reading right now is being served from a box with a mere 16GB of main system memory. Nice.

Although this site had humble beginnings, Zardon and his team have received great support from the industry – across all market sectors and vendors. This support has been achieved by consistently delivering top class news and reviews, as fast and as accurately as humanly possible, to an ever growing audience.

For those that follow such things, you are now part of a KitGuru army of readers which stands strong at way more than 1 million globally with over 400,000 here in the UK. We’ve managed to peak at just over 100,000 visitors in a single day, some of our articles have received over 180,000 reads while cities like London and Los Angeles have provided us with way over 160,000 visits each. And that’s just the start.

KitGuru keeps on delivering the new, reviews and buying advice that you love so much

KitGuru says: BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible. Your support is much appreciated.

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