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Wanna spend more than $1.5m on a truck? Ask Newell.

We know, with the holiday season upon us, you’re worried that you won’t be able to stretch out on an Emperor-sized bed and flip through KitGuru’s latest content on a 47 inch screen – while ensuring you’re never more than 5 minutes walk from the beach.

Fear not, the off-spring of L.K. Newell are here to help.

In 1967, L.K.Newell made the trip from Oklahoma to California to pick up a new motor home. Two weeks later he was back to make a ton of changes. During the discussions, the owner of the truck company decided to sell his operation to LK, and Newell Coach was born.

While Brits consider anything over a 2 litre engine to be a little extravagant, Newell’s latest luxury motor homes can weigh in around 20 tons and uses a modest 650 BHP engine to sail along the road, while providing customers with a 20kw generator – should they need to recharge an iPad, Blackberry or other mobile device.

In the world of customised computers, we’re used to having to wait a week or so, while our new rig is hand-crafted. While Newell does offer a complete, top to bottom bespoke service – the company also likes to have several of these +1 million dollar monsters on standby – just in case you want to drop your piggy bank in their hands and drive your motor home home immediately. If you see what we mean.

If you’re ever thinking about life as a high-tech traveller, and you have a million set aside for transport, then this is the kind of hardship you will have to endure.

We hear that Stewart from Multiplay has one just like this. Sort of.

KitGuru says: Can you imagine parking this thing in Tesco’s?

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