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Avatar records smashed by MW3 and 3D pr0n

Anyone who has been involved in the gaming industry for any length of time, knows just how massive and powerful the Call of Duty dynasty has proven. With each generation, takings both the audience size and size of the takings, seems to increase by another huge amount. We put this phenomenon under the VideoScope and discover some racy surprises.

The launch of Avatar, moved the goalposts for the entertainment industry by a considerable margin. The launch of Black Ops then put Avatar into perspective. For the first time, the number one game in the market, managed to smash the number one box office attraction.

Little surprise that MW3 took out Avatar and its own kid brother in November.

But if you journey to the mainstream community of Hong Kong, then you’d be in for a bit of a surprise when you learn exactly which film has surpassed Avatar’s record as the fastest grossing film on launch day.

Warning, some of the scenes in the following report may induce the horn.

KitGuru says: We’re not that shocked to learn that a porn title has done so well, but it is a little surprising that it is the conservative-looking people of Hong Kong that have been rushing to darkened rooms with their 3D specs.

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