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Intel pwns chip market according to Gartner

While it may come as no surprise to anyone, that Intel has just been confirmed as the biggest chip company around for the 20th year running, what might be interesting is the level of it’s market share. In the face of a wave of launches, everywhere from desktop to handheld, things seem to be getting better for the company that claims sponsorship of tomorrow. KitGuru blows dust of the abacus and checks Gartner’s figures.

Now some of the names in this list may come as a surprise, but remember we’re talking about chips – not X86 compatible CPUs.

Way back in 1998, Intel managed to make 16.3% of the world’s chips, but it is now standing at a record breaking 16.9%. In the 13 year gap between those 2 numbers, the market itself has ballooned faster than a dumped fast food workers butt, comfort-eating their way to happiness.

Looking over Intel’s shoulder, we see the object of Apple’s fear – Samsung – weighing in with a 3.7% increase of its own, to 9.7%. Ironically, it’s Samsung’s manufacture of the A5 processors used in Apple’s iPhone and iPad products that’s providing the boost.

Following these companies is a series of organisations between the 3 and 4% marks, including Hynix, Toshiba, STMelectronics, Renesas and Qualcomm.

Micron share holders will breathe a sigh of relief to know that their company has also gained 2.5%.

Overall, it seems that the market has grown just 1% from 2010 to 2011. Now that’s flat in anyone’s bookie-wook.

KitGuru says: Gartner numbers genius, Stephan Ohr, has been reported as saying that the global economy seemed to be having an affect on sales. No sh*t Sherlock. Later in the week, KitGuru will bring you a Gartner report on whether bears do actually defecate in the woods and whether or not the ‘fish swim’ rumours are to be believed.

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Sprightly Stephan Ohr reports that weak economics means people spend less, while EEEEEEETimes shows where chip production is moving in the very near future. To the new plants, it seems. What a double act.

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