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Batmobile for sale at £3m – Holy Auto Trading

In recent times, the Batmobile has been overhauled again and again – until it has turned into a self-aware, 21st century death-dealer, capable of balancing the odds in any armed conflict. But that’s not where it started. Now the actual, original Batmobile has been sold for almost £3 million. KitGuru suits up and paints some ‘Pow’, ‘Blam’, ‘Ka-Splat’ signs.

While Batman’s original DC cartoon incarnation had him driving a Batmobile as early as May 1939, you wouldn’t recognise the bright red vehicle.

In the Spring of 1966, Adam West began to fight crime in a much more sophisticated Batmobile – and this is the car that has just sold to American collector Rick Champagne, over in Arizona.

The underlying car was a 1955 Lincoln Futura, which then had around £9,000 worth of work on it – adding nail and oil guns etc to a gorgeous jet black exterior with red trim.

Strangely enough, this new sale does not set a world record in its own right. In fact the sale of the Batmobile over the weekend could only tie with the Aston Martin DB5 that Seaon Connery drove in Goldfinger – and which was sold in 2010.

Rick’s 1966/1955 Batmobile won’t, sadly, match the specifications printed for the car in the 2008 Batmobile Owner’s Manual, which lists the engine output at 1,700 horsepower – but it will probably still be a babe magnet for any Golden Girls that he happens across when he drives it around his home streets in Phoenix.

From Greased Lightning, through Classic Good Looks, to 21st Century Death Dealer - The evolution of the Batmobile

KitGuru says: Who knows, one day, when Gotham really needs it – the old girl might chug out of retirement to spray the streets with oily gloop again.

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