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Buy the Batmobile on ebay: only $620,000

Did you get a pay rise recently? Feeling a bit flush and in need of a treat? Then you can head over to ebay and pick up a Jet Turbine powered Batmobile for only $620,000, with only 2,000 miles on the clock.

The vehicle (can we say car?) has been designed by Pusch Racing Designs and it has raised a high level of interest, with many people drooling over the specifications.

Holy horse manure Batman: yours for a few quid on ebay!

The listing says “Its construction is in a completely different league than both replicas and of course the movie prop cars. Having a perfect reliability record, this car is ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate luxury in one-upmanship.”

We love the term ‘one-upmanship' – we can only imagine the looks you would get driving this to work in the morning. Although stopping at a local garage for a refill might prove difficult, as it requires jet fuel.

Casey taking it for a test drive, but why no outfit and mask? We wonder if he feels cool, or stupid driving it around the village.

Kitguru says: Will the car sell? Its a tough one, we would expect a rich businessman or executive to purchase it as a ‘toy'.

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