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Lenovo boss claims Galaxy Tab sales are very weak

A Lenovo executive has spoken to the Guardian newspaper saying that Samsung have only sold 20,000 of 1,000,000 tablets that it shipped last year. He claims that they are trying to buy share from market leader Apple.

This low figure has came as a shock to many but Andrew Darrow, director of consumer products and pricing for Lenovo Western Europe spoke to the Guardian newspaper and said that “the problem with trying to substantially undercut the price of the Apple iPad, of which around 30m have so far been sold, was that “any [manufacturer] would be giving money away.”

Samsung did claim that they shipped 1 million 7 inch Galaxy devices last year, however Darrow says that this might be right, but they in fact only sold 20,000 of them. Samsung did not reply to the Guardian's efforts for clarification on the matter.

Galaxy Tab: according to Lenovo boss not selling very well.

Samsung have said they did ship more than they sold, but the details never emerged. If the figures are drastically different to Darrow's claims, then they will assuredly issue some kind of statement this week.

Lenovo are releasing their IdeaPad K1 very soon and said “We don't feel the need to buy share from Apple. If the product sells, it sells.”

If Samsung have only sold 20,000 of the 1 million units then they could be seen as ‘channel stuffing' which means that manufacturers can claim huge shipments to hype the product. Even if actual sales are poor.

As we reported earlier today however, Samsung have other problems to deal with right now.

Kitguru says: It is not Samsung's common practice to flood the market with product, if it isn't selling but the claims are interesting. Samsung should hopefully make a comment soon.

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