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iPhone 5 to be launched in October

As with all Apple launches, the iPhone 5 launch date has been predicted many times, but the latest report shows that Best Buy are preparing for an October launch.

A leaked document received by BGR from Best Buy shows that the Apple iPhone 5 will be launched in the first week of October.

Leaked image on BGR: complete with typos

BGR say “Thanks to a leaked document from a Best Buy source, we have discovered that Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are anticipating taking preorders for the iPhone 5 starting in the first week of October.”

Conflicting reports from This Is My Next highlight another possible date. They said yesterday that Best Buy are due to have an ‘Apple Fixture' installed on Friday October 21st.

They claim “To be clear, this isn't a run-of-the-mill installation for the big box — our tipster tells us that the request that a manager be on-hand at 6AM is out of the ordinary (they usually show up at 7AM for inventory), and that a similar arrangement was scheduled for the iPhone 4 launch.

While it seems strange that thousands of retail employees could potentially be clued into iPhone availability over six weeks in advance, the language in Best Buy’s system is sufficiently vague so that it could technically be anything. It’s just hard to ignore the correlation to the mid-October rumors, particularly when the Wall Street Journal‘s throwing its weight behind them.”

Kitguru says: Sometime in October seems the latest best bet, but the exact date is still up for debate.

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