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Samsung set to copy Apple stores roll out

Surprise job postings on the interweb have given KitGuru a strong indication of where Samsung might go next in pursuit of the gross profit needed to fill the $1 Billion sized hole in its cash situation left by the court's award to Apple for nicking IP. Expecting a Samsung store …

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Big delay for iPhone 5 accessories

With a big launch almost upon us, stores across the planet would normally also prepare to sell a range of accessories to the lucky new owners of the iPhone 5. Checking with our Far East sources, there seems to be something of a delay. KitGuru checks the calendar for accessory …

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iPhone event to happen September 12th

If you are in the market for a new smartphone then you may want to wait for another month as it looks as if Apple will be announcing their new phone on September 12th. Of course there is no confirmation from Apple that this is correct, but Jim Dairymple of …

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Samsung lands Galaxy S3 smartphone on Apple turf

Having captured the ‘number one spot' for Android smartphones, Samsung is now gunning all out for overall top spot – in the hearts and minds of the global public – with the launch of the Galaxy S3/S III. KitGuru steps into a high street independent reseller to see what all …

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Apple sauces confirm iPhone 5 for July

The jump from a regular iPhone to the iPhone 4s impressed almost every industry pundit. The addition of the ‘s' indicated a minor update, but the overall phone has been very well received. Phones you can talk to, seems next gen enough to warrant the changing of the number from …

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iPhone 5 to be launched in October

As with all Apple launches, the iPhone 5 launch date has been predicted many times, but the latest report shows that Best Buy are preparing for an October launch. A leaked document received by BGR from Best Buy shows that the Apple iPhone 5 will be launched in the first …

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