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Apple sauces confirm iPhone 5 for July

The jump from a regular iPhone to the iPhone 4s impressed almost every industry pundit. The addition of the ‘s’ indicated a minor update, but the overall phone has been very well received. Phones you can talk to, seems next gen enough to warrant the changing of the number from ‘4’ to ‘5’. Not so. So when will the fabled iPhone 5 arrive?

Major retailers have started to plan for a roll through in their phone sections for July. Strangely enough, there is a small sporting event taking place around the same time.

In the press, we talk about media cycles. When something major breaks, you need to decide if you’re part of the story or not. If you’re not, and you want to make any kind of effective announcement, then you must choose to go early or late. Before or after. Not during.

Given that the London Olympics will stretch from 27th July to 12th Aug 2012, the clever money is on an early July launch.

Getting a hugely improved iPhone to market ahead of the Olympics will maximise Apple’s ability to get free press coverage. All of the world’s top athletes carrying an iPhone 5 around London will create multiple photo opportunities.

Giving away a few thousand handsets would mean that EVERY Olympic gold medal winner would be an iPhone 5 user.

Now that’s the kind of advertising that money would struggle to buy.

The launch of the iPhone 5, with enhanced Siri software, could be enough to prevent our hero from forgetting to ring his loved one - thereby driving her into the arms of a cute designer and ending Usain's happiness. . Sure. That's what will happen.

KitGuru says: Without shame, at least one of us will be buying one of these iPhone 5 thingies the moment they are available. If Usain Bolt uses one, how can you not? Even without knowing what the internals will be, the want-want levels inside us has been set to ‘very high’ and we need satisfaction. Cue Rolling Stones.

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