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Samsung lands Galaxy S3 smartphone on Apple turf

Having captured the ‘number one spot' for Android smartphones, Samsung is now gunning all out for overall top spot – in the hearts and minds of the global public – with the launch of the Galaxy S3/S III.

KitGuru steps into a high street independent reseller to see what all the fuss is about.

The screen itself is almost 12% longer than the best selling Android smartphone of last year, the Samsung Galaxy S2/S II. In a world that's governed by the visual, this is progress. In a world where you want to kill off products like Blackberry's dire 9900, having a bigger virtual keyboard could well appeal to an older user, with bigger/slower thumbs.

Cleverly, Samsung is not working on the length of the screen, but rather the surface area, which means it can claim a whopping 22% increase. Nice.

One of the reasons why Samsung might have launched when it has, could be that it allowed time to measure up the HTC One X – and produce a screen that's 0.1 inches longer. We'll never know.

Samsung puts the Olympics on its Visa card and promises to make the minimum monthly payments - based on additional S3/sIII sales revenues

What is certain is that Samsung will be pumping hard at the Olympics, given that it has the new flagship phone ready – and enough time to sort out any technical/software issues. As the official phone sponsor for London 2012, Samsung will be hoping to create a launch pad for a worldwide take over as the clear front runner in smartphones.

Ironically, Samsung's successful bid to be one of the biggest spenders at London 2012, actually sets up a tantalising opportunity for Apple.

If the iPhone 5 launches in time – and Apple can get special versions of the world's favourite smartphone into the hands of the top 100 athletes – then it can steal the Olympics from Samsung – free of charge.


Well, last year, there were 100 or so ‘special edition, gold Apple iWants' in the world, owned by luminaries like Usain Bolt. Usain is a nice. simple bloke, who's unlikely to be swayed to the newness of the Galaxy sIII/S3. If he holds true to his love of the big Apple, then it will be the iPhone 5 that gets all the cool/free press.

Will Usain be sprinting for a 'but we paid for it' Samsung or his preferred Apple in London?

KitGuru says: Guerilla tactics anyone? Remembering back to the 1984 advert for Apple around the superbowl, there has to be a good chance that the late Jobs' marketing gurus are working hard on a hijacking campaign. Roll on London 2012 and the battle of the super heavyweights for gold!

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