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Samsung fined for faked online comments

Samsung has been fined $340,000 after being caught paying for negative comments about competitor products and paying for praise of its own. To a company like Samsung, $340,000 is nothing at all but this could damage its reputation. Samsung was first accused of this back in April, shortly after, the …

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New Biostar launch makes THX available to all

In terms of launches, audio is generally the poor cousin of the CPU and GPU. While publications across the globe go ape for the latest and greatest in terms of piped lines, cor-inducing cores and giggly hurts – the audio processor tends to stay in the shade. Not today. This …

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Samsung lands Galaxy S3 smartphone on Apple turf

Having captured the ‘number one spot’ for Android smartphones, Samsung is now gunning all out for overall top spot – in the hearts and minds of the global public – with the launch of the Galaxy S3/S III. KitGuru steps into a high street independent reseller to see what all …

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Samsung Galaxy S III sales estimated

There are a number of ways around an organisation’s attempts to block the flow of information to customers about future product releases. But there’s always a way around such blocks. Channel sources have confirmed that UK retailers are planning out store space for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S …

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