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Samsung Galaxy S III sales estimated

There are a number of ways around an organisation's attempts to block the flow of information to customers about future product releases. But there's always a way around such blocks. Channel sources have confirmed that UK retailers are planning out store space for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Nice. But how many will they sell?

While the PR teams at Samsung might want to keep details of their new product launches secret, at the same time they need store space to mount a successful launch. Last time we checked, there were no shelves allocated to Samsung inside Apple stores – so Samsung needs to work with the main high street players – and those guys need plenty of notice.

On 3rd May 2012, Samsung will begin the formal roll out of what it hopes will be an iPhone killer. Already, companies like Blackberry are packing their bags and leaving the field of battle – uncertain they can survive outside the corporate world.

For its part, Samsung may have started from WAY back in the field, but it has all of the component design/production technology needed to make an advanced product and, with a combination of fanatical home market and strong global marketing, it has the ability to drive millions of handset sales.

Crucially, Samsung will have the advantage of already being strongly linked to sport. Useful with the Olympics and European championships coming up.

Samsung's S2 has been the number one selling Android phone in the UK for a year. That's a lot of handsets. For the launch of the S3, Samsung's channel sales managers will be looking at the 30,000 units currently being sold each week – and praying that the S3 can bump that number closer to 60,000 units a week. The paranoia creeping into the back of Samsung VP Simon Stanford's mind must be “Can we continue to launch new products, without losing our momentum?”

Samsung VP, Simon Stanford, seems bullish about the way his Galaxy S III will be taking market share. Having started his life at De Montfort university - he understands what it's like to be a dark horse and still win

KitGuru says: We need competition in every market. Blackberry WAS the sleek and stylish black unit that slipped into your hand/pocket and made you feel all professional, maybe Samsung can recapture that feeling – but with added style/grace/more attractive pricing. We'll be finding out after 3rd May.

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