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Russian hackers leak U.S. athlete doping test data


WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, confirmed yesterday that its databases had been hacked and confidential medical data, some of it on U.S. olympic athletes, had been stolen. Worse still, this hack is actually being laid at the feet of the Russian government, with some claiming it's revenge for WADA's attempt …

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Periscoping Olympics fans hit with takedown notices from IOC


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is forgoing its usual peer to peer attacks this time around and instead is focusing on live streams. It's having particular difficulty with halting those who are rebroadcasting footage from the games via Periscope, but it's sending out hundreds of takedown notices anyway. As much …

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Big enough? Getty planning 20 gigapixel Olympic image


Getty has announced the intention to take a 20 gigapixel image of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, in a similar fashion to the 2011 FA Cup football final and Superbowl. However, while that image took days to get online, this picture will purportedly be up within hours thanks to …

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Attempting to stop Olympic Piracy

NBC Olympics

While many users around the world, including those at home in the UK will have no problem watching the Olympics and its opening ceremony,  US viewers will need to be cable subscribers to watch the bought and paid for footage on NBC. Understandably the network is keen for people to …

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Samsung lands Galaxy S3 smartphone on Apple turf

Having captured the ‘number one spot' for Android smartphones, Samsung is now gunning all out for overall top spot – in the hearts and minds of the global public – with the launch of the Galaxy S3/S III. KitGuru steps into a high street independent reseller to see what all …

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