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Big enough? Getty planning 20 gigapixel Olympic image

Getty has announced the intention to take a 20 gigapixel image of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, in a similar fashion to the 2011 FA Cup football final and Superbowl. However, while that image took days to get online, this picture will purportedly be up within hours thanks to a partnership with Fujitsu.

The picture will be created using twin Nikon D800s, with one of them mounted on a robotic camera arm according to Wired.

Super zoomable images of major sporting events are nothing new

Similar to the super high-res images produced at previous sporting events, viewers will be able to zoom right in to individual people, with Getty encouraging the 70,000 attendees at the opening ceremony to tag themselves – presumably when the picture shows up on Facebook.

The image will be uploaded first on the Getty images website, so if you're keen to get a first look-in, keep your eyes peeled there.

KitGuru Says: I'm sure nobody will make any silly tags when this goes live. That would be tasteless.

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