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Big delay for iPhone 5 accessories

With a big launch almost upon us, stores across the planet would normally also prepare to sell a range of accessories to the lucky new owners of the iPhone 5.

Checking with our Far East sources, there seems to be something of a delay. KitGuru checks the calendar for accessory dates.


When KitGuru published the first set of iPhone 5 shots back on 12th July, it caused something of a global jolt. In addition to the size and layout, people were fascinated by the ‘Thunderbolt’ connector underneath the phone.

Given the amount of power that you can push down a Thunderbolt connector, we’re still intrigued to find out if the iPhone 5 itself will charge from a cable or feature a kind of induction charging that’s so popular with toothbrushes these days.

While the answer to everyone’s questions will surely arrive tomorrow, there is one thing that is certain. The electrical accessories companies are not ready for the iPhone 5. Owners of the new iPhone 5 will have to wait a month or more before cool speakers etc are available.

Normally, Apple will have a 100% secure agreement with Foxconn and in the past Foxconn works hard to enforce this non-disclosure agreement. But some parts need to be created by sub-contractors. Once the iPhone/iPad details leave Foxconn, anything is possible.

It is normally at this stage that other manufacturers (accessories, speakers, cases etc) will get their chance to see the layout and begin work. It seems that with iPhone 5’s new electricals, that has not been possible.

Right now, analysts are predicting that Apple could have up to 1.5m units on pre-order before the main bulk of the stock hits the shelves.

KitGuru says: So far, only Foxconn CEO, Terry Gou, has been outspoken on the iPhone 5 – telling the world that it will put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame and that his organisation (partnered with Sharp) has a 3 year lead on Samsung in screen technology. By close of business tomorrow, we will know – and over a month later we will have a range of accessories to add to the iPhone 5, should Mr Gou prove to be correct.

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