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So what do we Wiki? Top 10 searches revealed

While Facebook has become the defacto instrument for communication in the 21st century, other sites have taken their place at the heart of our modern, technology-everywhere lives. Sitting around number 5 spot in the world, is Wikipedia. We all use it, but what are we searching for?  The Top 10 most searched terms for 2012 have now been revealed.

Coming in at number 10 on the ‘UK most searched term on Wikipedia’ list, we have Suzanne Collins’ 2008 book, The Hunger Games.

At number 9 sits Google and Batman’s latest flick, Dark Knight Rises is at number 8.

We all love a bit of Mayan prediction gone awry (or we all like checking to see how we should approach the apocalypse), so the end of the world in 2012 makes it to number 7 spot.

At number 6, where else, we have lady-porn special ‘50 Shades of Grey‘, while for the lads (probably) we have ‘The Avengers‘ at number 5.

Back to the ladies (and gentlemen of a certain persuasion) for number 4 with singing sensation One Direction, while passing on to ‘So who died in 2012?‘ for the number 3 spot.

Number 2 and number 1 for the whole year were the terms Wiki and Facebook. Maybe because ‘everyone wants a wiki’ and ‘Facebook went on sale’ so people wanted to know what they were buying.

Also, not a single Greek singing lady in sight.

Interestingly, when we cross reference the Wikipedia Top 10 search list for reference material – with the Top 10 search terms for Google – it’s completely different:-

  1. Euro 2012
  2. Olympic tickets
  3. Whitney Houston
  4. Kate Middleton
  5. April Jones
  6. Netflix
  7. NatWest Online
  8. iPad 3
  9. Gary Barlow
  10. Gangnam style
We randomly opened up the search histories of a few PCs in the lab and, apart from a lot of nerdy technical reference sites, searches for a video of something called 'Not Tulisa' seemed quite popular. Strange.

KitGuru says: Any search for Gangnam Style or Kate Middleton would, presumably, involve clocking on ‘Video’ or ‘Dodgy Images’ next – whereas Wikipedia requires you to read an answer – so maybe the cross over is not as strong as we’d think. To be honest, we’re still shocked that ‘Wiki’ is on the Wikipedia list at Number 2. Who doesn’t know what a Wiki is ?

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