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Wikipedia bars Daily Mail as citation source

After deeming the Daily Mail as “unreliable,” Wikipedia editors have voted to ban the publication as a source for the online encyclopaedia. This isn’t something Wikipedia often engages in, and it still cites a number of often considered biased publications, like Fox News and Russia Today. “The Daily Mail’s reputation …

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So what do we Wiki? Top 10 searches revealed

While Facebook has become the defacto instrument for communication in the 21st century, other sites have taken their place at the heart of our modern, technology-everywhere lives. Sitting around number 5 spot in the world, is Wikipedia. We all use it, but what are we searching for?  The Top 10 …

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Wikipedia claim millions speak out for free internet

As we reported yesterday, many leading websites shut down for a day to protest anti piracy bills now in Congress. On the website on Thursday morning was a message which read “Thank you for protecting Wikipedia. We’re not done yet.” When clicked, the message took the reader to a thank …

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