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Cherry Xtrfy launches new ‘Ngale’ gaming and streaming microphones

Cherry Xtrfy is set to launch the Ngale microphone line for gamers, broadcasters, and content creators. The Ngale X and Ngale R are the first microphones to be introduced under the Cherry Xtrfy brand, marking the company's expansion in the peripheral market.

The Ngale R stands out not only for its design but also for its feature set. This USB microphone prioritises sound quality with a sizeable cardioid capsule, making it ideal for streaming, voiceovers, and solo recordings. Gamers will appreciate the built-in low-cut filter to reduce background noise. The plug-and-play feature allows for an easy setup by simply connecting the microphone to the PC. Additionally, the Ngale R features RGB lighting with various colours and effects. A simple tap on the top of the microphone activates the mute function, indicated by the RGB illumination.

On the other hand, the Ngale X represents the premium model in the lineup, offering both XLR and USB capabilities in a dynamic microphone designed for professional use. Similar to the Ngale R, the Ngale X includes a low-cut filter to minimise background noise during gaming and RGB illumination that turns red when the microphone is muted. Users can connect the microphone to mixers or other professional audio equipment via XLR or directly to a computer via USB.

Alongside the microphones, Cherry introduced the Ngale Boom Arm, an adaptable microphone arm featuring convenient cable management and a 360-degree rotating mechanism. Compatible with the Ngale R, Ngale X, and other microphones using standard threading, the Ngale Boom Arm is designed for easy installation and adjustment without additional tools. The Ngale R, Ngale X, and Ngale Boom Arm are now available, with the Ngale R priced at $119.99, the Ngale X at $179.99, and the Ngale Boom Arm at $99.99.

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