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Xbox Live is down

Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform has gone down. Apparently the software giant is aware of the problem as the service status page has been updated with errors and explanations, but no reason has been given for the downtime as of yet. It appears to have been unintended.

At the time of writing, while almost all applications (apart from, curiously, TMZ) seem to be up and working, along with the account system, Xbox Live Marketplace and Matchmaking features, the same can’t be said for the Xbox Live service. According to the status page, signing into Xbox Live from an Xbox console or through Xbox.com is presenting users with errors. Microsoft has simply put that it is “working to resolve the issue” and is “aware of the problem.”

The other service currently unavailable is Zune. Those trying to sign in to Zune.net, including the forums and Zune service site are greeted with errors.

Xbox 360
Xbox is down, get it?

As usual complainers have taken to the social network universe to air their grievances. Some of the messages include: “@xboxsupport you make me sick,” “Anyone having weird issues with XBL? I can log into 1 account but not another,” and “@XboxSupport You may also want to have someone look at http://xbox.com/servicealerts because its coming up with Runtime Errors.”

With all the mentions, XboxSupport had to get a statement out there. The latest one reads: “We are aware of the issues some users are having with Xbox LIVE and are actively investigating. Thanks for your patience ^KN”

Kitguru says: Can you access Xbox Live? If not and you want to send a complaint, @XboxSupport is waiting and willing to receive them.

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